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Super Horse Contest

Friday, August 5th, 2022 11 am

The Super Horse Contest consists of one horse, one ride competing in 5 events. Bring your horse to the 104th anniversary of the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo and compete for the title of Super Horse Champion

$60 entry fee: $10 held out for run money: 100% payback

Order of Events: entries open at 9am, roping starts at 10am1. Heading

2. Heeling

3. Break-a-way Roping

4. Goat Tying

5. Barrel Racing


3 Divisions:

Youth - 16 & Under as of Jan 1, 2022

Novice - For experienced youth and adults that have won less than $2,000 in their lifetime; and have not received any compensation for horse training, coaching or lessons

Open - open to the world


Super Horse Contest Basic Rules

With the exception of the youth category, open rodeo rules will apply

Heading: Roper will choose any heeler, if heeler misses it is a no time for the header

Heeling: Roper will choose any header If header misses it is a not time for the heeler. Two loops total allowed in team roping


** There will be open ropers there to rope with youth competitors, and head ropes my be put on in the chute for the youth heelers. Youth heelers need not dally, flag will drop when the rope comes tight. youth headers may opt to rope the "dummy" which may be pulled by a 4-wheeler. Flag will drop when dally is taken, 10 seconds will be added to the time.


One rope may be carried in the break-a-way


Goat Tying: goat must stay tied for six seconds


A broken pattern in the barrels will result in a no time


A no time, in any event, will be recorded as sixty seconds


All judge's calls will be final

For more information: Chris Murphy @ 970-389-3000