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Super Horse Contest

Friday, August 9th, 2024 11 am

The Super Horse Contest consists of one horse, one ride competing in 5 events. Bring your horse to the 108th anniversary of the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo and compete for the title of Super Horse Champion

$75 entry fee: $10 held out for run money: 100% payback

Contact Chris Murphy for More Information:

(970) 389-3000 or

Order of Events

Entries open at 10am, and roping starts at 11 am

1. Heading

2. Heeling

3. Break-a-way Roping

4. Goat Tying

5. Barrel Racing


2 Divisions:

-Youth - 16 & Under as of Jan 1, 2023

-Open - open to the world

Super Horse Contest Basic Rules

-Heading: roper will choose any heeler; if the heeler misses it’s a no time for the header

-Heeling: roper will choose any header; if header misses it’s a no time for the heeler.

-Two loops total are allowed in the team roping, 5-second barriers and 5 seconds legs

-One rope may be carried in the break-a-way, rope must pass over calf’s head and rope must break from the horn by the calf

-Goat must stay tied for six seconds

-A broken pattern in the barrels will result in a no time

-A no time, in any event, will be recorded as 60 seconds

-All judge’s calls will be final

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