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Citizens of the Year

Saturday, August 12, 2023 - 12 noon
Superintendent: Larry Banman
Everyone is welcome to join this year's Pioneers and Citizen's of the Year for a light lunch and refreshments in the Dance Hall.

Rich and Sara Rosene

Rich and Sara Rosene moved to Kremmling in 1976 and spent most of the next 47 years in service to the community in both their professional and personal lives. Rich hails from Minnesota and Sara from the state of Iowa and each brought their Midwestern work ethic and values to Grand County.

Their children Matthew and Michelle were born and raised in Kremmling, graduating from West Grand High School in 1998 and 2002, respectively. They both graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Matthew currently lives in Irvine, California while Michelle resides in Grand Junction, Colorado. Like many parents in a small town, Sara and Rich were heavily involved and supportive of their children’s academic and athletic activities.

Rich, who holds a bachelor’s degree with a double major in forestry and outdoor recreation, was employed by the Bureau of Land Management until he retired in 2008. Sara was employed as a title examiner with Grand County Abstract, had a short stint in the Assessor’s Office, and worked for Mountain Parks Bank. In 1990, she was elected as the Grand County Clerk and Recorder and served in that roll until January 2023.

Their involvement as volunteers within the community was equally as active as their vocational lives. Sara was a Crisis Volunteer for the Advocates for nine years, served on the Advocates Board for two years and was a volunteer for Friends of the Library for two years. She has been on the board of directors for the Grand County Historical Association for 10 years and is on the Altar Guild for Trinity Episcopal Church in Kremmling. She became a member of the Granby Rotary Club 32 years ago and transferred to the Kremmling Rotary Club in 1994, where she continues today as an active member.

Rich has been a volunteer firefighter for the Kremmling Fire Protection District for 42 years and he continues to answer pages for emergency assistance. He was the Fire Chief for 10 years and was a key player in the planning and formation of the Kremmling Fire Protection District in 1990. For “more years than I can remember” Rich has been a staple of the Kremmling Days Celebration. He is known for distributing candy during the parade from a four-wheeler and for being the emcee for the Kid’s Games in the Town Square after the parade. It is a task he inherited from former volunteer firefighter and longtime Kremmling resident, Bob Dell.

He also served on the Kremmling Fire Protection District Board of Directors for 10 years and was on the Kremmling Sanitation District Board of Directors for 10 years. In addition, Rich has been a member of Kremmling Rotary Club for 23 years and serves Trinity Episcopal Church as a lay pastor and on the Bishop’s Committee. Rich keeps in touch with his forestry roots as a member of the Society of American Foresters and serves as Treasurer for the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of SAF.

Both Sara and Rich attribute their community involvement to observing the same characteristics in their parents’ lives. Sara was in Girl Scouts, Rich was in Boy Scouts and they each had a parent heavily involved as leaders in those respective organizations.

Rich and Sara are looking to wind down their vocational careers. Sara still lends a hand in the Clerk and Recorders Office while Rich has recently decided to start stepping down as District Manager for the Kremmling Sanitation District.

As part of her duties as the Clerk and Recorder, Sara was responsible for conducting the election process in Grand County. It was a responsibility she never took lightly and a process she oversaw with tremendous diligence and a passion to conduct the elections impartially. In an age where the election process is routinely questioned, criticized, and doubted, the elections in Grand County have never operated under the slightest hint of misconduct.

Rich and Sara have dedicated their lives to serving other people in almost every aspect of their lives. They are the first to volunteer when something is needed and the last to take credit when the job is complete. That combination of competence and humility is often found at the core of viable communities.

Congratulations Sara and Rich on being named Citizens of the Year for the 2023 Middle Park Fair and Rodeo. Thank you for your contributions to the community and for the benefits we have reaped from your selfless service

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