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Raise Your Hand, Bid Your Heart

As each animal is led into the auction ring, the auctioneer will ask for bids by the head. If you wish to bid on an animal, raise your hand to signal your bid. If you have questions or if you need help bidding there will be a number of auction assistants in the area. If you are the highest bidder you will be asked to pay for the animal plus processing charges the night of the sale and to give meat processing instructions to the sale clerk.

How It Works

- The Junior Livestock Sale is conducted in a live auction format. Animals are sold by the head!

- Each youth participant presents their animal in the ring while prospective buyers bid for the animal.

- If you are the successful bidder on an animal, please immediately report to the check out desk at the sale office to be photographed, pay, and chose a processing company.

- Your purchased animal will then be picked up from the fairgrounds and transported to the processing company, so do not worry about transportation!

- You can also support youth members by adding-on any dollar amount to the purchased animal. For more information regarding add-ons, see below!

- Enjoy your freezer full of delicious, locally raised meat!

Resale & Donations

Add - Ons

An "add-on" is a form of support, above and beyond the auction sale price. Maybe you weren't the highest bidder or maybe you couldn't make it to the sale, or you are a family member wanting to support your loved ones. Whatever your reason, you can still make a donation to the 4-H member of your choice. 

Why do an Add-On?

You can support multiple kids at once and help them at least break even on their projects. You can also help "raise the floor". If an animal gets sold under the average price of the other animals, you can simply donate to the specific exhibitor to help the success of the sale!

Want to Add- On? Here's How: 



The Resale Program is offered as a convenience for buyers who want to support youth participants, but do not want to keep the meat for personal consumption. The Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Sale will facilitate the resale of the animal during at the end of the auction. Animals can only be re-sold twice. The Buyer of the resold animal is responsible for paying the amount for the animal at the Resale price.

If you purchase the animal, and resell it, the original purchase price is the amount that the exhibitor will receive. You can then "donate back" to an organization, foundation, or non-profit of your choice. When the animal is resold, the amount that the second sale is what your chosen program will receive, while the resale bidder will receive the meat of the animal. 

 Animal Donations:

Businesses and individuals may purchase animals, then donate the meat to non-profit organization. If you donate an animal to a non-profit organization, then you are responsible for paying the processing fee, and the animal must be processed under USDA inspection at 307 Meats. The buyer is responsible for processing costs to 307 directly, fees for donation, and USDA processing. 

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