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General Fair Rules

Open and Special Event Rules

1. All entries for exhibit are limited to Middle Park, Grand and Summit Counties, except where otherwise specified.

2. When there is but one exhibitor competing for a premium, the judges may give an award, first, second and third as well as the merits warrant.

3. All threshed grain exhibits shall be grain that has been threshed since August 1st of the previous year.

4. All possible diligence will be exercised to prevent loss or injury of animals and articles on
exhibition, but it is hereby stipulated that the Middle Park Fair & Rodeo Board will be in no way responsible for loss or injury to any entry or person.

5. Exhibit Hall premiums will be paid in cash. All other premiums will be paid by check according to the books only. Premiums will be paid only to breeding, over and underweight livestock classes. No premiums will be paid to market classes.

6. Alcohol allowed only in designated areas.

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