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Community Events

Come one, come all! Join us as either participants or observers of these events! Family friendly, and open to the public, these events strive to include all community members!

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Don Pickering Memorial Horseshoe Pitching Contest

Saturday, August 10th at 10 am

Horseshoe Pits

Superintendents: Jay & Cheryl Howard, 970-724-9707

Registration begins at 10 am. Rules will be posted. Partners for the horseshoe competition will be drawn. Calcutta for teams.

Sponsors: Middle Park Fair Board, Northwest Ranch Supply, The Mill


Commissioners Cookie Jar Contest

Sunday, August 11th - 10 am Dance Hall

Superintendent: Suzanne Briggs 715-441-3595


Anyone living in Grand or Summit Counties is invited to compete in the Commissioner's Cookie Jar. Bring a plate of six cookies made from your favorite recipe. The Grand County and Summit County Commissioners will begin judging at 10:45 am. Entrants must enter their cookies by 10 am that morning in the Dance Hall. 

Sponsors: Climax Molybdenum, Grand County Commissioners and Summit County BOCC


Mayor's Pie Contest

Sunday, August 11th - 10 am
Dance Hall
Superintendent: Suzanne Briggs, 715-441-3595


The Mayor's Pie Contest is open to entries throughout the Middle Park area. Pies can be of any flavor and entrants may have more than one pie entered in the contest. Judges for the contest will be mayors from Grand County towns. Entrants must enter their pies by 10 am that morning in the Dance Hall. 


Sponsors Climax Molybdenum, Grand County BOCC, Summit County BOCC


Rosie's Showdown Salsa Contest

Sunday, August 11th - 10 am Beef Arena (Drop -off Salsas by 9:45 am) Superintendent: Emmylou Harmon

The Challenge: Create a delicious salsa. A panel of local judges will judge your salsa on aroma, consistency, appropriate heat level, color, taste, and after taste. Salsa inspired prizes. There will also be a people's choice award voted on by all the salsa tasters. Cash prize for the most voted for salsa.

Contestant Cost - $5 per salsa

Tasting Fee: TBD determined includes one people's choice vote and one taste of each salsa. Tastings will be from 11 am  until 3 pm or salsa runs out.Rules: Make and bring one quart of salsa (1 quart jars). Multiple entries are permitted.Fill out a registration card for each salsa you will be entering; include a description of your salsa (mild, medium, hot) or if it has possible allergens. Set up or drop off salsa by 10:45 am at the beef barn. Pick up salsa by 4 pm. All salsa contestant entries will be given a number and salsas will be labeled on the salsa table with the salsa description.  Judges and people's choice voters will vote using the numbers.

Sponsors Climax Molybdenum, Grand County BOCC, Summit County BOCC.


Kids Games

Sunday, August 11th  - 12 pm - 3 pm

Beef Arena

Superintendent: TBD

Kids of all ages can enjoy the variety of games. Prizes for everyone!

Sponsors: Last Time Round Thrift Shop and West End Rental and Tires

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