2021 Middle Park Fair and Rodeo


1 pm - 6 pm Kentucky Derby Party

Saturday, May 1st

 8 am - 6 pm 4-H Exhibit Day

Friday, July 30th

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8 am Open Horse Show

Sunday, August 1st

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8 am    4-H Dog Show

2 pm    4-H Cat Show

4 pm    Rabbit/ Poultry Weigh-In

6 pm    Royalty Pageant

Monday, August 2nd

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10 am - 8 pm  Exhibit Hall Entries Open
8 am  4-H Horse Show
4 pm  4-H Poultry Show
6 pm  4-H Rabbit Show

Tuesday, August 3rd

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All Day  Exhibit Hall Judging
8 am  4-H Horse Speed Events
12 pm  All animals in place
1 pm  Swine Weigh-In
3 pm  Sheep/Goat Weigh-In
5 pm  Beef Weigh-In
7 pm  Queen's Barrel Race

Wednesday, August 4th

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10 am  Exhibit Hall Opens
8 am  4-H Swine Show
1 pm  4-H Llama Show
4 pm  4-H Beef Show
6:45 pm Jr Rodeo Grand Entry
7 pm  Jr Rodeo

Thursday, August 5th

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10 am    Exhibit Hall Opens

8 am    4-H Sheep Show

10 am   4-H Goat Show

11 am   Super Horse Contest

12 pm   Open Youth Show

12 pm   Dress Your Rabbit

1 pm     Swine Pictures

3 pm     Round Robin

4 pm     Horse Race Calcutta

4:30 pm   Horse Races

5:30 pm   Ranch Rodeo Calcutta

6:30 pm   Ranch Rodeo

7 pm     Street Dance

9 pm    Concert Stage Setup

Friday, August 6th

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10am  Exhibit Hall Opens
9 am - 11 am  Kids Games
10 am Horseshoe Contest
10 am Mayor's Pie Contest
10 am Commissioners Cookie Contest
11 am Rosie O'Hotto Salsa Contest
12 pm Pioneer Luncheon
1:30 pm Parade of Champions
2 pm Animals washed and ready for sale
2 pm Buyer Cocktail Hour
2:30 pm 4-H Awards
3 pm Jr Livestock Sale
6 pm  Concert Gates Open
7 pm Colt Ford Concert
8 pm Tracy Byrd Concert
10 pm Concert After Party

Saturday, August 7th

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7 am  Cowboy Breakfast
8 am  CPRA Rodeo Slack
9 am  Cowboy Church
10 am Exhibit Hall Opens
10 am Walk Your Wool Contest
10 am 4-H Animals Released
11 am - 1 pm Western BBQ
12:45 pm Catch-It-Calf Contest
1 pm  CPRA Rodeo
2 pm  Royalty Coronation
1 pm - 2 pm Pick up for Exhibit Hall Entries

Sunday, August 8th

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