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Royalty Guidelines

Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Royalty Competition

On behalf of the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Board we would like to welcome you to the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Royalty Tryouts.

We are looking for young ladies to represent the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo throughout the year. These outstanding individuals must be able to attend numerous events both within the county and outside and have a deep desire to promote the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo and the history and heritage of the Fair. We will be selecting the Queen and Princess  for the 104th Middle Park Fair and Rodeo in 2019.

You will be judged on your personality and poise, knowledge of the Fair and it’s events, it’s history and your horsemanship skills along with various other categories.

We would ask you read the accompanying packet completely and if you would like to participate in the Royalty Tryouts, sign the following agreement, complete the application, along with a 5 X 7 head and shoulder photo and return it to the Grand County Extension Office before July 11, 2019. The application may also be emailed to middleparkfairandrodeo@gmail.com or faxed to 970-724-9425. Please feel free to contact middleparkfairandrodeo@gmail.com with any questions.

Please complete the Royalty Application and read the Royalty Pageant Guidelines.
Deadline for Royalty Applications is Thursday, July 11, 2019.

Royalty Pageant Guidelines

The Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Royalty will represent the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo, the western heritage and history of Middle Park throughout their yearlong reign. The Court will consist of a Queen and Princess.

The Middle Park Fair and Rodeo will crown the Queen and Court during the CPRA Rodeo on Sunday August 11th, 2019. The candidate who has the highest total score from all judging will be crowned as Queen.  The Princess candidate with the highest total score will be crowned Princess.

The following guidelines and requirements will apply to all candidates who apply for the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Royalty Competition.

Age Qualifications

• Queen: must be between the ages of 15 -18 as of January 1st, 2019
• Princess: must be between the ages of 11-14 as January 1, 2019

Marital status

• All candidates must be single and never married or pregnant.
•  If any member of the Royalty court decides to marry, cohabit or becomes pregnant, she will automatically forfeit her title.

Residency requirements

•All candidates must be a full-time resident of Grand or Summit Counties. (Exception if candidate is attending college
• The Royalty Coordinator and MPF&R Board of Directors reserve the right to ask for proof of residency.

Event Participation and Responsibilities

As a representative of the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo, you will be required to attend many events. The Royalty Coordinator and the Middle Park Fair Board have set forth the following guidelines to ensure your safety, and the well being of the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo.

• The Royalty Coordinator is responsible for communicating with the Court as to what events are to be attended.
• Some of the events are listed below, but are certainly are not limited to, should the MPF&R Board and Royalty Coordinator feel that an appearance by the Royalty Court is deemed appropriate and beneficial to the MPF&R.
Middle Park Fair and Rodeo
National Western Stock Show
Kremmling Days
Hot Sulphur Days (parade)
4th of July Granby (parade)
Buffalo BBQ Grand Lake (parade)
Fishing Contest
Mud Shuffle
MPF&R Princess Contest
Lions Club Tree Event
High Country Stampede Rodeo
Granby Rodeo
MPF&R Junior Livestock Sale
All 4-H/FFA events at Middle Park Fair
MPF&R Queen’s Barrel Race
MPF&R Junior Rodeo
MPF&R Open Horse Show
Colorado Association of Fairs and Rodeo’s Convention
• Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Royalty will be supervised/ chaperoned at all times by a parent/coach/guardian or coordinator when at an event.
• As representatives of the MPF&R the royalty court must act as a team. Therefore the court shall remain together unless otherwise approved by the Royalty Coordinator or MPF&R Board Member.
• Royalty is required to attend monthly MPF&R meetings throughout the year, along with the Coordinator.
• Keep current on thank you notes and correspondence when applicable.

Please understand that if selected as Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Royalty, winners are responsible for their own transportation, clothing and expenses incurred as a result of representing the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo, unless the MPF&R Board of Directors deems otherwise in specific instances.

Event Attire

As a representative of the MPF&R we expect the Royalty Court will dress appropriately to the function. At all times this will include the MPF&R crown, belt buckle and sash and preferably a felt hat, and chaps when appropriate. This attire may include skirts, dresses, pants, vests or jackets, but at no time will ripped or faded jeans be allowed. Please do not wear tank tops, sleeveless shirts or crop tops.

Jeans and shirts must be pressed. Remember you are representing the MPF&R and we expect you to be professional in your appearance.

No sponsorship donations maybe taken in the name of the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Queen/ Princess without the knowledge and consent of the Middle Park Fair Board and the Queen Coordinator. All donations, money, clothing, etc. received by the candidate must be with the donor’s knowledge and understanding that it is for that of the candidate’s own personal benefit.

Royalty Competition

All agree the MPF&R Board and Queen Coordinator shall determine the manner and method of conducting the competition including time, method and manner of judging, presentation and supervision of awards. The decision of the persons designated by the MPF&R Board to judge various events in any and all matters pertaining to the selection of the winner shall be FINAL in all respects.

The Royalty Competition will be judged on, but not limited to the following criteria:
• Speech/ Public speaking ability
• Appearance/ Modeling
• Personality / Poise
• Interview
• Questions
• Middle Park Fair and Rodeo knowledge
• Horse/ Livestock/ Rodeo knowledge
• Horsemanship
• Current events

The following may also be taken into consideration by the judges
• Maturity
• Sincerity
• Integrity

Required Competition Participation
• Prepared Speech
• Personal Interview
• Modeling
• Impromptu Questioning
• Award presentations at Livestock Shows and events
• Attendance and assistance Queen’s Barrel Race
• Assistance and awards presentations at the Junior Rodeo
• Attendance and assistance at the Livestock Sale
• Attendance and assistance with activities at the Middle Park Rodeo

Candidates should be aware that any act of discourtesy or disobedience, or trying to influence the judges, Queen Coordinator or MPF&R Board on the part of the candidate or in any way hinder the progress of the competition to the judges, will disqualify the candidate and said candidate would be subject to discipline as outlined below.

Disciplinary Actions

It is the responsibility of the Royalty Court to represent the MPF&R with the highest dignity and respect. The list below is some of the items a member of the Royalty Court maybe disciplined for. Violation(s) may result in immediate removal from the Royalty Program whereupon any and all awards are to be returned to the MPF&R Royalty Program immediately upon dismissal.
• Drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking (including marijuana), or under the influence of narcotics at anytime.
• Kissing/ hand holding while in royalty apparel
• Refusal to attend an event
• Cussing, swearing while in royalty apparel
• Un-sportsmanship like conduct while in royalty apparel
• Fighting while in royalty apparel
• Conduct that is unladylike or embarrassing to the MPF&R.
• Animal Abuse while in the arena or other public venue.
• Disrespectful behavior or un-lady like behavior while in royalty attire
• Being arrested or being issued a ticket for drinking, drugs or any violent acts.
• Inappropriate or harassing behavior by parents/guardian or anyone associated with any member of the Royalty court before, during or after the completion will result in dismissal and forfeiture of all awards.
• At no time before, during, or after any part of the competition will a contestant, parent/guardian or anyone associated with the contestant be allowed to approach a judge. However, a judge may approach a contestant after the competition with suggestions concerning area of improvement.

In the event a Royalty member is removed from the court, the Royalty Coordinator and MPF&R Board of Directors will decide if the vacancy is to be filled or left vacant until the next Royalty Competition.


All judges are carefully selected and are invited to judge this contest because of their ability and expertise.

The winner will be determined by total points, meaning the candidate who has the highest total points when all judged categories are added together will be declared the winner. The same process will determine the Princess contest winner.

In the event of a tie in the final scoring, the high score in Personality/ Poise will determine the winner. The MPF&R Board will then determine any tie still existing at a special meeting.

Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Royalty Pageant
Judges Scoring Criteria
Pageant Night

Speech Category – 100 points total
Speech follows a topic – is interesting and entertaining
Eye Contact with the audience
Projects confidence
Body Gestures
Posture and movement
Speech stays within time allowed (2-3 min)
Speech is memorized and sharp

Appearance / Modeling - 75 points
Outfit Choice
Boots, hat, buckle
Hair styled / makeup appropriate
Neat and clean, outfit pressed, hat clean, boots shined and clean
Modeling ability

Personality/ Poise – 100 points
Pleasant, friendly, relaxed, poised, sincere and confident
Eye Contact
Ability to converse
Seems genuine

Impromptu Questions – 75 points
Knowledgeable of current events
Knowledge of MPF&R history
Confident in answers and ability to think quickly
Tone of voice
Fluent Speech

Total points possible – 350

Horsemanship Day

Event Attire

Horsemanship Pattern – 75 points
Correct Pattern
Lead changes
Controllable speed
Posture Balance
Horse Handling

Flag and Queen’s Run – 50 points
Controllable Speed
Vertical Flag

Total points possible – 125

Total points all competitions - 475

A note to our candidates -

As you enter this competition we hope each of you takes some time to really look at your reasons for entering this pageant. We have included some information for reading and consideration as you begin your week of judging.

Let’s face it; it’s a basic fact of life in competition, you win some you lose some. However, when you blame others for your loss and attempt to bring the winners, coordinators and judges down you are only damaging your own reputation. Look at the loss for what it is, maybe you didn’t bring your best game and someone else did. Learn from this experience and move on. Being a gracious loser is as equally important as being a gracious winner, and perhaps at times more so.

When a candidate loses a title 99.9% of the time it is not due to politics or crooked judges. Take a moment and look at some of the reasons why a candidate is not chosen.

Study time – Their knowledge is insufficient, whether this be current events, history of the fair, animal knowledge or even requirements of the position they are trying out for. Maybe they are incapable of piecing together an answer to a judge’s question.

Polish and grace – sometimes candidates lack the polish and grace that goes along with the title. Some are blessed with the ability to naturally glide through modeling, but for many they need to practice, practice, practice. Try on your outfits with your family, asking for their help and practicing until you feel comfortable. Don’t wait until the day before the pageant and throw an outfit together, the judges will notice.

Horsemanship skills- not all of us are comfortable on a horse. A nervous uncontrollable horse will not win horsemanship. Even lifetime riders need a tune-up occasionally. Ask for help and practice, practice; practice your Queen wave, flag carrying and patterns.

Remember all candidates are not going to “connect” with the judges, just like you are not going to “connect” with every person you meet in life.

Look at whom you associate yourself with, if you want to be a winner, surround yourself with winners. Don’t be drawn into the drama game.

And finally - ask yourself - are you prepared to be judged and critiqued? Are you able to swallow your pride and realize that maybe you were not the best candidate and you didn’t bring your A-game to the pageant and maybe another candidate truly deserved to win.

So, candidates the ball is in your court now!

We wish you all the best of luck this week!
The Middle Park Fair Board and Queen Coordinator


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