Open Exhibit Hall Classes

Open Class Exhibits

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019, Entries taken 8am-8pm.
Exhibit hall will be closed Wed., August 7th, all day for judging.

Superintendent: Sheilah Jones, Twila O’Hotto, 970-724-3302

All exhibits must be from Grand and Summit Counties and must have been completed since August 1, 2020. Registration of Exhibit Hall entries is on Tuesday, during fair week, 8 am to 8 pm.

Laureen Jesmer Myers Award

Given to People’s Choice. Exhibit Hall visitors may vote on the entry of their choice.

Rosie O’Hotto Award

Given to the exhibitor who enters the most.

Open Class Exhibits

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019. Entries taken 8am-8pm.

1 There will be a fifty cent entry fee for each article entered in the Open Classes. This does not include school exhibitors or 4-H. Each exhibitor is responsible for registration.

2 All entry tags will be filled out by each exhibitor. All entries must be tagged by an exhibit hall worker.

3 All exhibits must be clean and neatly displayed or may be disqualified before judging.

4 All registered articles will be judged at the judges’ discretion as to the award placing.

5 If there are three similar items that are not listed in the fair book, a class may be made and they will be judged.

6 There will be a maximum of two entries per person per class.

7 It is very important to follow the instructions for Preserved Foods, see instructions preceding Division 10.

8 All artwork, including children’s, MUST be ready to display. This can include framing and mounting.

9 All photography smaller than 8 x 10 must be backed only, no frames. Photos 8 x 10 or larger can be matted and framed or backed. Backing is strongly recommended for all photography. Backing may be tagboard, construction paper, or matting.

10 All ribbons and exhibits must be picked up between 1 pm and 3 pm on Sunday.

11 Overall Grand Champion and Overall Reserve Grand Champion will be awarded in all categories at the judges discretion.

• Categories include: Food, Preserved Foods, Agriculture/Gardening, Sewing, Quilting, Crocheting/Knitting, Needle/Fancy Work, Jewelry/ Leather Work/Braiding, Pottery/Sculpture, Hobbies, Crafts, Building Sets, Photography, and Art.

• A blue, red and white ribbon will be awarded in each class at the judge’s discretion. Cash prizes for first, second and third are two dollars, one dollar and seventy-five cents respectively. All children ages 1-7 will receive a participation ribbon.

12 The Exhibit Hall is not responsible for theft or breakage.

Exhibit Hall Age Divisions

Participation Class — 1-4 years old
Participation Class — 5-7 years old
Junior Class — 8-12 yrs old
Intermediate Class – 13-17 yrs old
Open Class – 18 and over
Senior Citizen – 65 or over by request only

Professional Classes — exhibitors having sold over $300 worth of work professionally, by trade, in the last year

Directions for filling out exhibit card:

Please do not separate the exhibit card. Use one card per exhibit. Please fill in the blanks completely. Print all information. For age divisions and classes see above information. The remainder of the card will be completed by the fair officials and the judges.
The card will be attached to the exhibit by either using a rubber band, safety pin, or tape for photos and art.

If you want to prepare your exhibit card prior to registration, please pick up new cards at the CSU Extension Office in Kremmling after July 1, 2020.



Preserved Foods

Agricultural Products





Jewelry/Leather Work/ Braiding




Building Sets



For complete class listings see your 2020 Fair Book


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