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Royalty Guidelines

On behalf of the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Board, we would like to welcome you to the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Royalty Tryouts.

We are looking for young ladies to represent the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo throughout the year. These outstanding individuals must be able to attend numerous events both within the county and outside and have a deep desire to promote the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo and the history and heritage of the Fair. We will be selecting the Queen and Princess for the 107th Middle Park Fair and Rodeo on August 13th, 2023.

You will be judged on your personality and poise, knowledge of the Fair and its events, its history, and your horsemanship skills along with various other categories.

We would ask you to read the accompanying packet completely and if you would like to participate in the Royalty Tryouts, sign the following agreement, complete the application, along with a 5 X 7 head and shoulder photo and return it to the Royalty Coordinator Juli Sanders County Extension Office before July 14, 2023. The application may also be emailed to Please feel free to contact with any questions.

Please complete the Royalty Application and read the Royalty Pageant Guidelines.
The deadline for Royalty Applications is Thursday, July 14, 2023.

2023 MPF&R Royalty_edited.jpg

A special note to our Royalty candidates

As you enter this competition we hope each of you takes some time to really look at your reasons for entering this pageant. We have included some information for reading and consideration as you begin your week of judging.

Let’s face it; it’s a basic fact of life in competition, you win some you lose some. However, when you blame others for your loss and attempt to bring the winners, coordinators and judges down you are only damaging your own reputation. Look at the loss for what it is, maybe you didn’t bring your best game and someone else did. Learn from this experience and move on. Being a gracious loser is as equally important as being a gracious winner, and perhaps at times more so.

When a candidate loses a title 99.9% of the time it is not due to politics or crooked judges. Take a moment and look at some of the reasons why a candidate is not chosen.

Study time – Their knowledge is insufficient, whether this be current events, history of the fair, animal knowledge or even requirements of the position they are trying out for. Maybe they are incapable of piecing together an answer to a judge’s question.

Polish and grace – sometimes candidates lack the polish and grace that goes along with the title. Some are blessed with the ability to naturally glide through modeling, but for many they need to practice, practice, practice. Try on your outfits with your family, asking for their help and practicing until you feel comfortable. Don’t wait until the day before the pageant and throw an outfit together, the judges will notice.

Horsemanship skills- not all of us are comfortable on a horse. A nervous uncontrollable horse will not win horsemanship. Even lifetime riders need a tune-up occasionally. Ask for help and practice, practice; practice your Queen wave, flag carrying and patterns.

Remember all candidates are not going to “connect” with the judges, just like you are not going to “connect” with every person you meet in life.

Look at whom you associate yourself with, if you want to be a winner, surround yourself with winners. Don’t be drawn into the drama game.

And finally - ask yourself - are you prepared to be judged and critiqued? Are you able to swallow your pride and realize that maybe you were not the best candidate and you didn’t bring your A-game to the pageant and maybe another candidate truly deserved to win.

So, candidates the ball is in your court now!

We wish you all the best of luck this week!
The Middle Park Fair Board and Queen Coordinator

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