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4-H Shows

Exhibit Day

Wednesday, July 19th, 8 am - 4 pm

Shooting Sports

Sunday, July 30th, 12 pm

Horse Show

Sunday, August 6th, 8 am 

Superintendent: Jess May


Horse Speed Events

Monday, August 7th, 8 am

Superintendent: Jess May


Cat Show

Monday, August 7th, 11 am

Superintendent: Heidi Wutz


Cat Show

Monday, August 7th, 1:30 pm

Superintendent: Heather Cocoran


Poultry/ Fowl Show

Tuesday, August 8th, 1 pm

Superintendent: Taura Perdue


Rabbit Show 

Tuesday, August 8th, 3 pm

Superintendent: Holly Hester


Swine Show

Thursday, August 10th, 8 am

Superintendent: Jeremy Salyards


Sheep Show

Thursday, August 10th, 12 pm

Superintendent: Tim & Nellie Thomson


Beef Show

Friday, August 11th, 8:30 am

Superintendent: Grover Pryor


Goat Show

Friday, August 11th, 11 am

Superintendent: Tim & Nellie Thomson


Round Robin

Saturday, August 12th, 9 am

Tish Linke

Superintendent: 970-531-5465

4-H Show Sponsors

Shooting Sports - High Mountain Firearms, Ltd.

Horse Show - Moyer Family, Ted & Terry Pratt, The Bowerbird's Den, Elk Mountain Ranch, Triple V Designs, Audrey Schultz, iFurnish, Jane & Curt Reed, Grand Lake Plumbing, SCM, Rusty Spurr Ranch, Paul & De Menhennett, Armstong Consultants, Amber Lemon Re/Max/Red, Grand County BOCC, Colorado Ranch Company, Weste End Tire & Rental, Triangle Equine, Climax Molybdenum,

Dog Show -Axis Construction, Inc., Cindy Sterling, CPA, Kim Casey, The Mill, Two Pines Supply, Peak Ready Mix, Summit Express, Stormy Heights Homestead, Summit BOCC, Triple V Designs, SCM, Elk Mountain Ranch, Granby Dental, Denver Water, Northwest Ranch Supply, Middle Park Health, Climax Molybdenum, Grand County BOCC, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply

Cat Show - A & E Tire, Axis Construction, Granby Napa Auto Parts, Climax Molybdenum, Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply, Denver Water, Grand County BOCC, Summit 4-H Council, Stormy Heights Homestead, Middle Park Health, Northwest Ranch Supply

Rabbit Show - Grand County BOCC, Axis Construction, Kremmling Mercantile, Summit County BOCC, Summit County 4-H
Council, Two Pines Supply, Allington Inn, Granby Dental, Mullinex Family, Old Time Feed, Middle Park Health, Murdoch’s Ranch &
Home Supply

Poultry Show - Way West, Moose Cafe, Rusty Spurr Ranch, Armstrong Consultants, Summit County BOCC, Granby Napa
Auto Parts, Peak Ranch, Grand County BOCC, Two Pines Supply, Elk Mountain Ranch, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply

Swine Show - Salyards Family, Moyer Family, Terryberry Family, Ozzies Underground, Denver Water, SCM, Peak To Peak Construction, Colorado Ranch Company, The Mill, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply

Sheep Show - Dave & Jessie Webb, Middle Park Fair Board, Moyer Family, Two Pines Supply, Thomson Family, Summit County 4-H Council, Grand Mountain Trading Lake Plumbing, West End Tire & Rental, Denver Water, MillerRanches, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply

Goat Show - Hester Diesel, Wings Family Hair Care, Peak To Peak Construction, iFurnish, Northwest Ranch Supply, Thomson Family, Fabric Nook, Old Time Feed, Parshall Inn, Grand County BOCC, Summit County BOCC, Denver Water, Miller Ranches, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply

Beef Show - Carly Wood, Linke Cattle Company, Grand County BOCC, Climax Molybdenum, Salyards Family, Peak To
Peak Construction, R & R Ink, Old Time Feed, Middle Park Cowbelles, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply,

Round Robin - Summit County BOCC, Elk Mountain Construction, A & E Tire, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply,
Denver Water, Northwest Ranch Supply, Summit County BOCC

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