Welcome to the Centennial Celebration of
the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo

Attendees at the Centennial Celebration of the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo are in for a special treat, courtesy of the Grand Gala Committee & the Grand Foundation. The GATE ADMISSION for all days has been paid for by the Grand Foundation, a philanthropic organization that serves all of Grand County.

This is a special and historic year for the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the county fair for Grand and Summit counties! The Middle Park Fair and Rodeo has been a strong and healthy tradition since it was established in 1912. Except during World War II, when the focus was on conflicts in Europe and the Far East, the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo has been an annual celebration of the best of Middle Park with an emphasis on family fun and healthy competition.

To help honor that tradition, the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Board of Directors, with the invaluable help of a citizen’s Centennial Committee, has a celebration planned that will honor this century-old Western tradition.

There were no fairgrounds for the first events and cowboys would host the rodeo competition in downtown Kremmling. An accident during a rough stock event prompted Henry and Lillie McElroy to donate a portion of their ranch to be used as the fairgrounds, the location where the event is still held. I encourage you to read the rest of the story in this Fairbook as we will be posthumously honoring Henry and Lillie as our Citizens of the Year.

The story of a centennial event encompasses a large number of people and we are planning a Founder’s Day luncheon on Saturday, August 13th at which we will honor the McElroy family, the incoming Pioneers of the Year as well as past Pioneers and Citizens of the year, past MPFR Queens, and past Fairboard offi cers and organizers. We want to celebrate the contributions of the many people who have helped this event survive and thrive for over 100 years.

Thanks to the generosity of the Grand Foundation, the admission fee will be covered by a portion of the proceeds of the Grand Gala. For this Centennial Celebration, fairgoers will be the guests of the Grand Foundation.

The Middle Park Fair and Rodeo would not be possible without the support and time from our many volunteers and sponsors. As you browse through this fairbook, please take note of all of the sponsors and individuals who have made the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo a priority through their sponsorships, volunteer time as event superintendents, or purchasing animals at the Junior Livestock Sale.

I would like to recognize the Grand County Commissioners for their ongoing support of the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo and the Summit County Commissioners for resuming their support of this event.

Have a great time and enjoy your family and friends as we celebrate 100 Years of Western

Matt Friesen, President
Middle Park Fair Board of Directors